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 Abby Rhiannon James-Humphreys

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Abby James-Humphreys


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PostSubject: Abby Rhiannon James-Humphreys   Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:36 pm

Full Name: Abby Rhiannon James-Humphreys –usually goes by Abby JH

Hair Colour: (natural dark blonde) Dyed soft amber with a large luminous blonde chunk on the left side. Long, to mid-back, although as a child she had it shoulder length. Has a natural wave.

Eye Colour: Electric green with flecks of orange (sometimes described as a sun burst)

Height: 5ft 3in

Physical Description: Short, with a rectangle frame. She looks good in ‘boyish’ clothes such as baggy hoodies and combat trousers. However, she has a little bit of a fetish for denim shorts and tank tops – well, she can get away with them in her ever so slightly athletic body. She’s dresses like a normal ‘cool’ person – not an emo, goth, electro or anything. She has one scar on her ankle, just a little line where she was once kidnapped as a toddler and was accidently dropped near glass and badly cut her ankle. She does not remember it though. Her hair is usually straight because she straightens it. She’ll never curl it.

Personality (include how they act, what they think of other people/vampires, how they think, how they react to different situations): She’s brighter than average, but not as smart as she looks. She’s not very loyal at all and can be fiercely selfish if she can get away with it. She’s confident in herself and her appearance and tries not to look down on people, although she does. She does not frighten easily, even if she looks innocent. She thinks quickly but badly, and makes rushed decisions which mess up her future. She never panics as such, but tends to not understand what’s going on. Despite all the negativity and imperfection, she’s lovely. No other word for her.

Family: Mother, Sarah James-Humphreys, Father (dead) Michael James-Humphreys. She has no siblings because her father died just before she was returned from her kidnapping and her mother never remarried / found love agan.

Hobbies: She likes to travel. She’s not fussed about where; she just prefers to be away from her mother. She likes to collect local maps from different countries and towns.

I might have forgotten something. And please tell me if any other details are required. I did do this rather late at night :3
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Brooke Shears

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PostSubject: Re: Abby Rhiannon James-Humphreys   Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:11 pm

Accepted Smile
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Abby Rhiannon James-Humphreys
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