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 Brook Shears Character Sheet

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Brooke Shears

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PostSubject: Brook Shears Character Sheet   Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:21 pm

Full Name (first and last named): Brooke Shears

Hair Color (natural and/or dyed): Blonde with Black bangs

Eye Color: Green

Height (in feet and inches please): 5’6

Physical Description (include what they wear, how they look, and any special scar or birthmark that distinguishes them): Brooke is very petite. Ever since High School she’s worn loose comfortable clothing - except her black skinny jeans and her black leather jacket. If you ever get the chance to look, you’ll notice that brook has a small birthmark right below her left ear.

Personality (include how they act, what they think of other people/vampires, how they think, how they react to different situations): Brooke is usually quiet until she gets to know you, then she’ll start to talk more. She’s usually nice - unless you get on her bad side.

Family (include mother, father, brother[s], sister[s]): Brooke’s parents divorced a year after she was born. She has a brother whom is a year older then her and lives with her father in Canada while she lives with her Mother.

Hobbies (what your character likes to do): If anything, writing is Brook’s favourite past-time hobby. Except, she doesn’t show people her notebook since she’s not confident with her writing. Whenever she gets writers block she either reads or goes on her computer.
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Brook Shears Character Sheet
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