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 Needed - Character Application Sheet

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Brooke Shears

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PostSubject: Needed - Character Application Sheet   Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:23 pm

Hey everyone, Please post this under the Character Sheets section of the forum and I will either accept it or ask you to change some things. Thanks!!

Full Name (first and last named):

Hair Color (natural and/or dyed):

Eye Color:

Height (in feet and inches please):

Physical Description (include what they wear, how they look, and any special scar or birthmark that distinguishes them):

Personality (include how they act, what they think of other people/vampires, how they think, how they react to different situations):

Family (include mother, father, brother[s], sister[s]):

Hobbies (what your character likes to do):

And Remeber your character is GOOD
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Needed - Character Application Sheet
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